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November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day 2013!

It's November 11, 2013... Veterans Day. In our home & little family, this is the most important holiday of the entire year! We teach our kids to have respect for Veterans and to take pride in being a Vererans family. My husband is a Combat Veteran with a Purple Heart and I couldn't be more proud!

My husband deployed to Afghanistan when 9/11 happened and it was more life changing for him than it was for many. One day life is normal, the next day we are at war and you are leaving the US for what you don't yet realize is where you will be in for the fight for your life. You will fight this fight to protect the Freedoms of where you come from and for your fellow man. You fight for what is right. Your family even fights too, for sanity. Sanity snd strength while you are gone and it's hard to be 100% sure that things are always ok.

I was also raised by a wonderful man who was in the Navy and a WWII Veteran. I have always grown up proud and have had much love and respect for our nations heroes. So, thank you, to all of you who have in the past, or are currently, a part of our nations armed forces. Thank you if you fought to protect our country a 60 years ago, or 60 minutes ago. Thank you for all your sacrifices!

Our family bbq'd hot dogs then walked a block to watch the huge Phoenix Vererans Day Parade. It passes by both of our streets, woohoo! The parade was amazing as you can see by the pictures I have been sharing! And I'm tossing in a bonus pic of my very own Veteran! ;)

Don't forget to thank a Vereran not just today, but every day!

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