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November 25, 2013

LenzAHand Review

Disclaimer: I received a LenzAHand product for review. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are honest and mine only.

Upon receiving the LenzAHand product for my camera, I wondered if it would actually help steady me when I took photos, I have really shaky hands any time I try to take photos! Well I was incredibly surprised! It fit on my camera perfectly, and it made it SO much easier for me to get pictures that are less blurry haha! I would definitely suggest the LenzAHand to all photographers! Here's a few pictures of how it works (not of me lol):

Pretty cool, wouldn't you agree? It retails for only $39.99! If you'd like to purchase the LenzAHand just click here. The LenzAHand will help prevent your hands from becoming fatigued, will steady your lens and camera, assists with zoom and focus range, fits most camera lens sizes and is durable, compact and lightweight. What more could you ask for? This would also make a great Christmas gift for that photographer you know!

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