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November 4, 2013

Love Cooking Co. Review! Cupcake Cone Pan!

Disclaimer: I was given products from Love Cooking Company to try and review. I was not paid to do a review and all opinions are honest and belong to me!

I was recently sent a Cupcake Cone Pan by Mrs. Fields from the Love Cooking Company. I had heard of Cupcake Cones before, but had never had one, so my curiosity was peaked! I have been really impressed with this pan, much more than I even anticipated! As soon as I had my cones, cake mix and frosting together I knew this was going to be a huge hit with the family! I was impressed that this pan held 12 cones at once, woohoo! Chocolate? Yes please! Some of my cones were broken, but it ended up not mattering!

Not only is using the Cupcake Cone Pan new to me, but so is this gas stove and oven! We have lived here 3 months now and I'm still working on figuring this out just right, as far and cook, boil and bake times, it's driving me crazy! I sprayed the pan with non stick cooking spray, put in the cones, I personally filled them kinda close to full so they got a good cupcake top on them, and popped them in the old gas oven! I set the timer on my phone for the longest time given on the back of the cake mix box for cupcakes.

After the timer was done I checked the cupcake cones, they were not done yet! This dang gas stove. I set my timer for another 10 minutes and waited a little bit longer! This time, they were done, woohoo! Now they just needed cooled and frosted, but yum! Here are some of my cupcake cones before getting frosting! :)

I knew the real critic in our house would be home any minute once they were done... My ten year old. He loves to be sweet and not make his mom feel bad if something isn't that great (I'm so lucky!) but when he REALLY loves something, you know it! This ended up being another one of those big hits! I guess the thumbs up speaks for itself haha...

I personally found an added bonus to this Cupcake Cone Pan! The top part, with the cone holes, just sits on top of the pan on the bottom. When you take the top off, viola! You have a 13x9 super awesome pan too! So, you have a pan you are actually utilizing quite often, with a Cupcake Cone Pan Bonus!

I highly recommend this pan! It has changed snack time in our house and the possibility is endless.. And it even includes a pan you'll use just about every day! Illustrated mom tested, ten year old approved!

Click below to see all the awesome products that Love Cooking Company has to offer! I can't wait to try the Brookie Pan!
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  1. Those look so fun to make!!! This is giving me a sweet tooth now! lol! Great review, Julie! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I've got the same pan and I love mine! The kids and I really enjoy the cupcake cones. Great review!

  3. Those look like fun! I kept seeing the cupcakes in cones but couldn't figure out how people were baking them. It's good to know there's a pan for it. Thanks for the review.

  4. I loved that pic! Your son really added some pizzazz to the article! The cupcakes in cones sound really good. The pan is super cool. Thanks for sharing the info.