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November 10, 2013

Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System Review and Giveaway

Does your dog or cat make a huge mess with their food and water dishes? My dog is a fan of picking her food out of her bowl piece by piece, moving them to carpet, and eating them there one at a time. I'm not really sure what her deal is lol. The cats are monsters. Their inner-demon comes out when it's time to eat. I have found food up to 10 feet away from the dish before. Then I discovered Neater Feeder for pets, a unique pet feeding system that prevents big messes. They come in various sizes, heights and colors. I got a Cranberry colored Medium one for our dog Cloe, she's half Dalmation, half Lab, so she needed one just a little bit taller than the small one. This is what the Neater Feeder looks like:

Be sure to check out these links for Neater Feeder as well:

When I received our Neater Feeder it needed to be assembled but it only took me a few seconds, it was nothing that is small pieces, or tools required... It's simple. This is an example of how the Neater Feeder prevents those nasty messes our pets make when they act like they have't eaten in years!

Check out this awesome video about Neater Feeder, and then continue to scroll down for pictures of my dog Cloe and her Neater Feeder!

This next picture is of our very own Neater Feeder, you can tell by the huge mess inside of it! lol. The good news is, the mess stayed in side of it and off my floor! Score!!! Thank goodness I finally do not have to mop there EVERY single day!

The Neater Feeder is definitely pet approved in our house! After using it I can't even imagine going back to the normal bowls that caused a mess of water drips and scattered food every single day. The dog loves this feeding system, and even the kittens like it; they climb up into it to get water instead of using their own water dish haha. As you can see here the Neater Feeder is clearly hungry Cloe APPROVED!

And now for an awesome surprise from Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System! One lucky winner will be chosen at random and will receive a free Neater Feeder that the winner chooses them self off the web site, any size or color! No purchase necessary! Can't beat that, seriously! Enter below using the easy entry form! Limited to US only please. Contest will run from midnight 11/11/2013 through 11/25/2013 at midnight! Winner chosen at random by Rafflecopter. GOOD LUCK!!!
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  1. I have a medium size dog who really could use a Neater Feeder! Messy, messy boy he is!

  2. I have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 4 fish, and 6 cows..tee hee!! I love animals!!


  4. I have an active dog named zoey and an even more active cat named buddy which is always trying to get the dog to play or fight im not sur which but the dog dont want any part of it and growls at him so i have to tell them no and be nice and that usaully works.

  5. I have a four legged kid....a Boxer named Kratos!! I swear hes just as bad as the kids....we have a bath mat & a towel under his 2 bowls just to catch most of his messes along with sweeping & mopping daily!!! I think this would make a perfect christmas gift for my furry baby!!!

  6. 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 hamster

  7. 2 labs n a Pomeranian mix... Such messy messy dogs Lol.

  8. I have a cat that I rescued and I think he'd love this feeder and I'd love it to.
    (Entered as Danielle F. - sorry I don't have an account on any of the options to post other than anonymous)

  9. You don't even want to I currently have 4 cats, 3 kittens, and 3 dogs! (HWP Natural Hair aka Jennifer Morris)

  10. I have two dogs. A Pomeranian and a Maltese Pom mix.