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November 6, 2013

The Tattoo Pill!!! (*Review AND Giveaway*)

Disclaimer: I was given a product by The Tattoo Pill to try and review. I was not paid to give my review and all opinions are mine and mine alone, and honest.

The tattoo industry is constantly evolving, changing, and making strides in improvements. "The Tattoo Pill" is a great example of one of these improvements for those of us who love sporting new ink! 

I have been getting tattooed for 18 years and am covered somewhere around 50% of my body.. I will never stop getting inked! I am also the Social Media Editor and Feature Creator of "Social Skin" each month in Wearing Ink Magazine, so it's obvious that my ink is my LIFE. I don't just wear pretty pictures for the world to see, but I wear my stories. Situations and events I have survived, special people I have lost, you name it.. I've been through it, I wear it on my skin. It's more for me to see and be reminded of every day, but I don't complain when people in public do stop me to talk ink slinging!

Through the years I've watched as the industry has evolved. When I got my first tattoo, women didn't do that. At least not often. But, I did. I have never been one to care what anyone thinks, or follow the rules. I've seen A&D come and go as using just that on your fresh ink. I've watched countless different lotions come and go also as what is best to use. As the quality of tattoo ink improves, the way we nurse our skin back to health changes as well.

And so I found, The Tattoo Pill. This is a multivitamin and antioxidant you take twice a day. You can take it every day, which is how I started, and it's great for when you get new ink as well, which I discovered. Each day I took it I felt a little bit better and better, and then the day came when I got a whole ton of new work done. As you can see in the picture below my skin was RED and screaming at me lol, but I was prepared because I had already been using The Tattoo Pill, and I think taking it before new ink was a good benefit too.

Yup, it was pretty red haha. But that's alright because wait until you see how it looked only a week later, healed! My skin holds color VERY well as it is, and I heal quickly from new ink or piercings, but it healed even faster and I definitely can't complain about that! I hate the healing process, I'm that person who always wants to PICK AT IT. Ugh!

Here's my leg, healed and NOT red! It looks so awesome, I'm ready to get more work done to it already!! This is a full leg sleeve in progress!

This is the part where you realize that you have to try this! Ding! Light bulb moment! Hello?? What are you waiting for?? You need to get some of this! When we spend money on ink we want to make sure it LASTS. While all ink needs touched up eventually (years and years later), we can take steps to prolong that amount of time as long as humanly possible. The Tattoo Pill is that first step! Don't wait to get new ink to buy this, start taking it before you get slung down on for maximum potential! So, here you go... Here is their web site information and Facebook page... Go look!

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Now that you've looked around at what The Tattoo Pill has to offer, I have exciting news! The Tattoo Pill has agreed to give THREE lucky winners a free bottle of their product! That's right, not one person... not two people... THREE lucky people can get The Tattoo Pill for free (a 30 day supply)! w00t!!! The contest will begin at midnight November 7th, 2013 and will run through midnight November 14th, 2013 and the winners will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter. Don't miss out on this awesome Contest Prize! Use it yourself or gift it to a friend that loves ink! Enter here below!

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  1. Thank you for not being afraid to show your ink, and these pills do sound like a great multivitamin to take. Your pics show it. Love your art work!!

  2. I have 5 tattoos and only want one of them on my body! hahha...I was young and they could be more tasteful.

  3. I actually don't have any tattoos yet but my husband has one.

  4. I have one but my husband has like 10-15 I plan to get more just not sure when!

  5. love my tats and ready for more!

  6. I need more tattoos but I am broke as a joke! So far I only have 2!

  7. I have only 1 tattoo, and it is very meaningful to me..I'm dying to get more!

  8. I love tattoo's I have a few!! I think this is such a great idea!! Thanks for showing us your ink!!