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December 6, 2013

2013 is Almost a Thing of the Past

It's that time of year again. We all wait for it all year long, then the anxiety steps in because of Christmas, then we are excited again as we put another year behind us and hope this next coming year is much better! And if you're me, you have to toss a birthday in the mix too, since mine is on New Years Eve. It's a great birthday, there's a party everywhere you turn and I tell myself they are all for me, when in reality everyone is too busy for my birthday lol. It's ok though, I'm middle aged now, they just don't mean what they used to!

Anyhow, I LOVE December!! It's my favorite month of the year. It fills me with Christmas spirit even though I live in Phoenix and it isn't exactly "Christmasy" here. I love my kids happiness on Christmas morning and I love celebrating my birthday and most of all, I love putting a really crappy year behind me. So you go December!

We get so used to the weather where we live sometimes we forget that this great country is full of different types of extreme climates, even within the same state sometimes depending. I grew up in Michigan until I was 9 when we moved here to Phoenix. I still remember winters in Michigan and Christmas there, and especially snow days! This is what I remember it looking like:

There was more snow than that though. You never would have seen that grass of the bottom of that fence where I lived! So gorgeous though, and I miss it so so much. I can't wait until the day I can afford to go back to visit and hopefully take my family with me.

But, I love it here in Phoenix. This is home. I can't imagine living anywhere else. In fact, I tried. From early in 2012 until 3 months ago, I lived in southern Arizona near the Mexico boarder. It was horrible! I will NEVER leave Phoenix again. I had to learn the hard way. I was miserable, my husband was miserable, and my kids hated it. 18 mile round trip just to grab a soda or something at a convenience store? Yeah no thank you! I want to visit Michigan, but I will be more than happy to come back home to downtown Phoenix. We have Holidays and Christmas and winter here too, in fact it was 35 degrees this morning here! It just doesn't look like it does in other places. Here's a couple pictures of what the Holidays in Arizona look like.

Two different types of Christmas cacti AKA Christmas trees here in Phoenix. Aren't they cute? All that's missing is the snow!

This time of year is full of traditions. Big dinners with family if you have any, we spend the big holiday days with our family also (again if you have any), we ring in the New Year, we make resolutions we don't typically keep very long, and we always feel nostalgic.

Do you have any Holiday traditions you do every single year? Ours are big dinners on both Thanksgiving and Christmas with just myself, the hubby and the kids, since we don't have other family. And we all wake up early on Christmas for the kids to open their gifts. In fact, we wake up before the kids do and sometimes we wake them up. :X They are all too old now to believe in Santa anymore, with my youngest being 10, so this will be the first year I am doing no gifts from "Santa" and it shall be weird. Another tradition, we all spend my birthday together during the day and typically we all ring in the New Year together. There have been a time or two I went out to "party" for my birthday but not very often.

Then it's that dreaded time... To have a resolution, or 5. Every year it's the same thing... I will exercise more. I will eat less crappy food. I will be more smiles and happy and less grumpy in general. I swear, I fail every single one of them within the first week every single year.

But this year is different. 2013 wasn't half bad. 2011 & 2012 were by far the worst years of our lives, especially mine, as we had multiple very traumatic things happen to our family that I never wish on anyone. It seemed as though it would never end, but I knew the way to make life better was to move back to Phoenix. So for all of 2013 we talked about it, planned it, and finally pulled it off. And I was right, I'm so happy, I love being back in the big city, near the friends I know... And good riddance to Southern Arizona and even bigger riddance to the drama that happened over the past 2 or 3 years. I am ending 2013 with a huge bang, on a huge high note, happy. And I anticipate that 2014 can only get better and better. 

So here's to my NEW resolution this year for 2014:
To stay positive and acknowledge the small things.

Life is so busy and fast, I never even realize when small miracles occur around me every single day. When people point them out I think, how could you even care about that right now with how poopy the world is? Well this year I want to enjoy the little things like the people who loved me would want me to do. I want to stop and smell ALL the flowers, compliment everyone I run into on something, keep a contagious smile on my face and prove that the past few years have not destroyed my heart and soul even if I look like they have with all my ink. I am more than ready to say that 2013 came with all good things and only got better and better and I just know 2014 is going to be amazing. I hope your 2014 ends up amazing as well!!


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