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January 26, 2014

Amazing Arizona Comicon 2014

Are you a comic book fan? A superhero fan? Maybe you love Marvel and DC movies... I spent the weekend at Amazing Arizona Comicon and had a blast working as a volunteer! So much in fact that I thought I would share the experience as best I can with the rest of you!

The highlight of my weekend was meeting the two people I wanted to meet there, Robert Kirkland (Creator of The Walking Dead) and Tony Fleecs (My Little Pony Artist)! I spent Saturday working at the door to one of the panel rooms that held the Cosplay 101 panel and then the pre-judging for the Cosplay Contest. You get to see some awesome people and cosplay's working panel rooms! Today I got to stand with Danai Gurira (Michonne from The Walking Dead) and Robert Kirkland for photo opps and autographs. Robert Kirkland is one of the nicest guests I've ever met at a Comicon! We work Phoenix Comicon every year, I really love doing these.

Please enjoy a few photo's from my weekend!

Me at Amazing Arizona Comicon 2014

Scarlet Spiderman!

Big Chris Art live painting!

Pacific Rim and Punisher

Blurry picture of Robert Kirkland lol, sorry he was walkin fast!

Me with the My Little Pony artist, Tony Fleecs! Super cool dude and he loved my MLP tattoo!

From the show "Face Off"

Robert Kirkland doing his Saturday panel :)

I hope you've enjoyed some of the pictures from my weekend! I'm sorry they are blurry, I had to downsize them. I would love to hear what you think and tell me if you attend Comicon's also, and are you a cosplayer?

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