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January 30, 2014

Win $500 from Purex or a Free Bottle! Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals Review and Giveaways!

Disclaimer: I received Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals from Purex for review. All opinions stated are mine and mine alone. I was not compensated in any way for my honest opinion.

I recently received a 28 oz. bottle of Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals to try out on my own laundry as well as the rest of the families. As soon as I popped it open I fell in love with it! It smelled fantastic! Everyone in the house who smelled it said "yum!" I couldn't wait to try it out on our clothes! I will admit though, I was really nervous.

All too often I try a new fabric softener or laundry soap in hopes of a longer-lasted fragrance on our clothes and still achieve the softness we like at the same time. It - never - happens. I hate being let down, too. So, I waited a few days. Haha.

Finally it was time, laundry had to be done, and it was me versus the Purex Crystals. I decided to do a "normal" load of laundry, and to use warm / cold water because this always seems to be a combination that makes it difficult to get the clothes the cleanest. At least to me. I reluctantly put my $1.25 in quarters into the washing machine. Laundry is expensive to do here on premis. I carefully measured out enough laundry soap, almost in slow motion, prolonging as long as possible the action of putting in the Purex Crystals. The time had come. I measured out a "large" load size cap full, and sprinkled it in.

My Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals

The water in the washing machine immediately began to emit a wonderful scent! The water became foggy and I could not see through enough to see if the crystals had vanished or not. By now I was running out of time! I have difficulty getting my clothes in when the water is at a high level, it's so much easier when it's not quite half full. Time to mad dash the clothes into the machine, like it or not!

Now the waiting game. 33 minutes. That's how long it takes the washing machine to go through it's entire cycle with our clothes. Tick... Tock...

My bottle of Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals on my really expensive to use washing machine!

Time to move the clothes to the dryer! As soon as I opened the washing machine, I was pleasently greeted with a wonderful scent! Did I feel like I was in the mountains? Well, no. But I did feel like I was NOT in downtown Phoenix, and that works for me! I tossed the clothes quickly in the dryer and put in my four quarters, yup $1 here to dry, and now it was time to wait... again. 45 minutes this time.

By now I was dying to know. How do our clothes feel? How do they smell? Is it going to last?!?!

The time had come to find out. I was nervous. I was anxious. I was borderline sick with anticipation! Well maybe that was just the feeling I get when I realize I have to carry clothes back from the laundry room. Either way, I was about to find out how good Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals really work!

I folded our clothes much slower than usual. For once, taking time to enjoy the laundry. Sounds sick and twisted. Like some sort of alternate universe where I'm some perky pin-up model or something. Yeah, it's like that. It smelled SO good! And everything was SO soft! I had even tossed a towel in there as an extra test, and yes!!!! Success! The best news of all is it has been three days since then and everything still smells amazing! I can't believe it!

Me + Purex Crystals = 1 ... Laundry = 0!

So, it is my pleasure to say that I think everyone should try Mountain Breeze Purex Crystals, and you can enter to win a coupon from me personally for a FREE 28oz. bottle of it like I got! You can ALSO enter to win won at the Purex Facebook page HERE, and you will also be entered to win $500! Good luck!

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