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February 28, 2015

Why I Gave Myself Time-Out in Yoga Class.

I like to think I'm decently bendy. Maybe not Gumby bendy, but yanno, Pokey level bendy. I might even go so far as to call myself somewhat in shape.

I also think I've been doing well. Over the past year much has changed, and stress was the star athlete of my life. I found exercise to be my escape and quickly added on yoga and meditation. Then I met a man who enjoyed the same things...

So now here I am, one year later since the last time you've heard from me. I am no longer the married mother of three I was a year ago, I became a single mother of three and am now happily a family of five once again with an incredible partner.

Once a week we attend yoga class with Kelli at our gym. I must say, Kelli is a decent yogi and instructor. That's not all, we attend the gym 3x a week for working out, swimming, etc, and we always bike there and home - 7 miles all together one trip. So, I do ok. I even recently mastered that type of headstand where your elbows go on your knees. I'm not yogi enough to know the name for that pose, but in the comfort of my own home, I got this.

Now if you've ever taken a yoga class you know they say it's not a competition, just do what you can. Not a competition? Who's lying to who? Of course no one wants to look out of shape and we all bust our asses to look graceful and fluid. I'm the least graceful female on the planet.

My boyfriends assessment of this week's class? Kelli must have been angry. Her boyfriend was not there in class this week and she was putting us through the ringer. There came a point, during the most intense sun salutation I've ever seen, my body became more than pissed. It said no. And this is when I gave myself a time-out in yoga class.

I plopped down on my ass and looked around. I saw ten people all dying going through the motions, my boyfriend included, trying like hell to keep up. And here I was just sitting on my mat, smirk developing on my face. As far as I'm concerned I did it, I win! I'm the free thinker, the bravest student, breaking free and doing my own thing. It felt great.

Then I realized I was the only one sitting on my ass. No one was following my lead, defying the yogi authority and plopping down to rest. I wasn't being a leader, I was being a... well lazy. I scrambled to rejoin sun salutation since my muscles felt rested anyway in just those few seconds. Downward facing dog, I got this. If my United States Marine, Paramedic, Olympic Pole Vaulting boyfriend can do this, I can do this. Who in the hell am I kidding. He's a beast, I'm whatever the opposite of a beast is. How I manage to keep up with him all the time is beyond me.

That's when I said forget it and went for time-out #2.. this time ignoring everything around me. I need to enjoy this child's pose. My body needs to recover and it's ok. Let them judge me, like I care.

The best satisfaction was when class ended and my boyfriend turned to me and mouthed "what the f***?" so I knew it wasn't just me. Kelli was angry this week, but I didn't let her win.

Satisfaction meter: Level pizza.

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