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May 24, 2015 Review

I recently partnered up with to do a review on five wonderful items their company sent to me. I want to start out by saying, I am thoroughly impressed! The majority of clothing and accessories on their web site cost only $5.99 and the quality is exceptional for that price! 

The items I received from are a pink sports bra, a pair of grey shoes, a gold pair of rhinestone slip on shoes, a mens yellow shirt and mens matching plaid shorts. So, for this review, my spouse gets to be involved! This is his blogging debut! Meet Josh! :)

So what drew me to to begin with? It goes without saying that the name of the company speaks for itself, almost everything on their site costs only five dollars and ninety-nine cents! That alone is a huge incentive to check out the clothing and accessories they offer. Once on their site, the style of clothing, how fashionable they are, and the fact that I can get yoga clothes for only $5.99 kept me on their site for a very long time, haha!

I am most impressed by the shoes I received from! Check out these pictures I took of both pairs of shoes:

I am also equally impressed with the sports bra I received, only $4.99! It’s pink - my favorite color! - but it is SO lightweight and comfortable! I feel completely supported but I can also move freely. I wasn’t going to take a picture in just my sports bra for the internet lol, but my other half took these awesome pictures of me riding my bike and you can see the shoes and sports bra in these pictures:

Lastly, Josh picked out his own outfit for this review and I must say, he has a good eye for fashion! Here is what Josh had to say regarding his outfit from

“I really enjoyed the shorts and shirt I received from  The yellow shirt was a very charming color of yellow and the fabric was very soft and breathable.  Each of these traits are very important living in Arizona.  The shorts were also very soft and light material.  Both items ran a little tight on the sizes but their snug fit was more than made up by their comfortable and stylish fabric.  More than a few people around town complimented the ensemble and that speaks for itself.”

So there you have it! I cannot think of a single negative thing to say about! Our items were not only shipped to us quickly, but I received emails every step of the way so I was never left in the dark as to where our items were! Once received, the quality and style of the clothes and shoes were incredible! We get regular compliments on the items from strangers and that is pretty awesome! Make sure you visit right away!

***I received no compensation to do this review for All opinions are honest and my own unless stated otherwise.***

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