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May 26, 2015

Movie Review Monday! *Chappie* 5-25-2015

Movie Review done by: Josh

Chappie - 2015
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Writers: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Die Antwood

Recently, my family and I took another adventure to the movie theater.  I grew up in a time when the biggest movie experience you could get was in the Drive-Ins.  Now, with experiences like IMAX and digital 3D movies anything you see in theaters now gives you the feelings as though you are a part of the place. We find ourselves transported to long away worlds like in the movie “Avatar”, or fighting against invisible evils in “Insidious”. Movies have always done this to us, that is why we go watch them.  We love the adventure, being a floating spectre in a long lost world fighting for justice and truth. We go for the feeling we get when we leave the theater, the idea that maybe the good guy wins, the notion that there is a hero deep within us waiting for the moment to leap into action.  We also go for the message, the idea that writers and producers try to plant inside us, the moral objective of the story we just participated in.  A great movie balances all of these aspects to leave the observer feeling powerful and struck by imagination, to leave us thinking, to make us think, while stopping us from thinking too much.

The movie we chose to adventure through this month was “Chappie”.  A story set in a, not too distant, future where street violence and danger became so high robotics were turned to in order to protect our men and women who protect us.  As in all futuristic robotics movies, any true nerds necessity during a robot story, the robots are limited in order to protect us.  Let’s face it these pink fleshy bags we all carry around would be no match for the unhindered strength of carbon fiber hydraulics.  So what happens when an all too eager scientist stumbles upon something potentially amazing and yet equally terrifying? He does exactly what you expect a brilliant scientist to do and the races are off.
The movie is a non-stop heart thumping adventure that not only replenishes a long lost childhood wonder in the world but pulls on the heartstrings of anyone aware of existential angst.  With an all star cast that makes your mind accept the reality of the fictional world you can’t help but go through the ups and downs right along with them.  They laughed, the crowd laughed harder, they cried...I may have experienced some indoor allergies *clears throat*. Before moments of opening credits the white knuckles of my mind found the very edge of me and held on until final credits.
We also have a gaggle of three youngsters, of varying age from 12 to 16, who also enjoy our movie going adventures.  It is always a struggle to find a family friendly movie that can be equally enjoyed by their adult counterparts.  This movie has no problem bridging that gap.  It is chock full of coming of age lessons any parent should be teaching their children as well as references not even the teenagers understood.  A definite for those with children whose attention seems more allusive than Big Foot.
Overall, my family couldn’t be more pleased with this adventure and most certainly suggest it as a big screen must see.  I will, however, also be purchasing this movies as soon as it is available for repeated watchings in the future.  Out of my own personal five star rating system I give this movie an easy FIVE STARS.  It was refreshing to not only watch an amazingly told story but to have a movie once more worthy of the majesty that is the movie going experience.  Until next time, be safe out there and from my family to yours, enjoy the show!

*All technical information about this movie was found using the website IMDB the link is available below:

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