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June 12, 2015

What the Heck is This Blogathon?

I've been doing this whole blogging thing for quite a few years now. I first opened my blog six years ago, already! It has flown by! When I first began, my goal was to have a distraction in my life. Sometime to fill my time where I didn't have to think about all the things bothering me, and if things were bothering me enough, I could blog about it. Win win. It went great, I enjoyed it, not loved it but you know, it was neat.

And then one day I was approached by a friend. When I type the word 'approached' in this context I can't help but giggle a little on the inside. Not even a decade ago that word was intimidating. It meant someone came up to you face to face, and it might have been a little scary even. But now, it just means someone messaged me on Facebook, and I acknowledged them whenever I felt like it. Ha. Anyway, you guys really should try to be less distracted and stay on track with this post here, you're distracting me and I keep rambling ;)

So one day, on a gorgeous Arizona day I was sitting on my porch with my laptop enjoying the weather when I friend messaged me on Facebook. She informed me that I really should take my blog in a new direction, reviews and giveaways! I had no idea what she was talking about. But the awesome thing was she taught me. She walked me through getting started step by step... she helped me know the how's and why's of the business... and the greatest thing I have gotten out of this blogging thing so far to date is the giveaways I do. I love giving you guys prizes for free! I wish I could give them to all of you, every time!

Now I have been doing a whole new type of blogging for several years and I still enjoy it just as much as when I started. I'm still learning... I don't like the way my blog looks but I need to learn how to change it... I also don't know how to do a Blogathon, such as #blogathon2. 

But now is my time to shine yet again! The Biannual Blogathon Bash has officially begun and I am a part of it! Three - four straight days of nothing but blogging! Leave me alone kids, leave me alone adult kids, cuz I am busy for at least 72 hours with my headphones on, computer on, and not paying attention to anything else! Except kittens. I can't ignore the kittens when they climb on me because they are too adorable.

Biannual Blogathon Bash

Check it out, I got a button! ^^^
Boy am I easily entertained. But new things are so exciting for me!

The greatest part is that you can participate too! The #blogathon2 began at 8am EST today but you can join at any time!  Come participate with us, there will be twitter parties and prizes, there is an entire web site dedicated to this weekend and you are not going to want to miss it. You can find it here! After you're all signed up, just let others know about your participation, and how they can participate too! There is a special prize for everyone who does this. Woohoo!

My Goals for the Blogathon:

  • Set up new site email.
  • Begin using said email.
  • Attempt to figure out changing the layout of my site.
  • Spend most of the weekend trying to fix what I break trying to attempt my third goal.

So there ya have it. I have no other plans for the next four days straight other than the list of four things I put above. KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple). That's my motto. Come join me, instagram games, twitter parties, sponsored prizes, don't miss out!

About me: There are too many things to list. My life is so diverse. But I am a mother, spouse, chef, doctor, etc. All the things all of us mothers are. But I'm more than just that, and that is why I love my blogging. Many blogs are all about those babies and don't get me wrong, our kids are our world. I am no different. But I am an individual separate from them as well. This gives me a chance to show those facets of myself at times as well. In between kid posts haha. I am an American Red Cross volunteer, I went to college for Psychology, Administration of Justice and Substance Abuse Counseling. I am blessed enough to not have to work so I spend my free time doing whatever I would like to do, especially during the school year where the kids are gone all day. Hiking, working out, I spent a lot of time biking too. I am Nichiren Buddhist as well. I am also what is considered "modified." Unlike many mothers these days, I am covered in tattoos. And I have piercings as well. My children are just as used to tattoos as I am and don't notice them on people anymore. The only people who ever make a deal out of my body modification, are others who probably shouldn't throw stones to begin with but hey. Whatever. :) I love my life and I hope to get to know you all better and let you travel my journey with me through life. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

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  1. I had to laugh at goals three and four - I can so relate! Here's to a productive blogathon weekend ahead. :)